The housing development north of the River Stort Gilston Park

Nearly ten years ago, representatives from all the villages in this immediate area met to oppose the East of England Plan which envisaged a large scale housing development on land north of Harlow. This group was named the Stop Harlow North Group and was lead by the Independent District Councillor Nigel Clark. Their work was very instrumental in averting the development of some 20/30,000 houses. Time moves on and the East Herts Draft District Plan provides for a smaller development, providing some 2,500 houses, in the same area. The developers (Places for People) are proposing a much larger scheme of some 5,000-10,000 dwellings. The Stop Harlow North Group, are now fighting to make sure that any development is provided with all the necessary infrastructure, and that the planners take into account the present facilities in the area, (i.e water quality and provision, the capacity of the existing sewerage facilities, let alone road and transport). If you travel to Harlow by bus or car, you may not realize how close this development will come to Widford, and that it will be drawing on our already stretched infrastructure.

Until recently the former chairman of the Parish Council, Dr Ian Brett, had been our representative on the Stop Harlow North committee. Ms Poppi Smith and Andy Darnell have, however, now taken his place. If you would like to know more about this issue please contact either Poppi or Andy, at Chestnut Tree Cottage or you can contact the secretary of the group Bernadette Dunthorne (bernadettedunthorne [at]

Notice Date: 01/01/2020