Widford Book Exchange



September 2020

The Book Exchange has attracted lots of interest and we have a great selection of books. Could we please, however, ask people not to put any more books into the kiosk as we are trying to limit numbers so that people can see the collection clearly.

If you would like to donate books could you please hang onto them for a while or get in touch with Jo Birkett on 01920 460147 or 07790 574216 and she will either exchange them or see they go to a holding place until they are needed.

While Covid restrictions are in place we would like all books to be put to one side for a while to reduce the risk of contamination instead of going unchecked into the Exchange.

Future Road Closure as from 1st September

Abbots Lane


September 2020

Highways have given notice that Abbots Lane will be closed for roadworks at some time during the 18 month period starting 1st September 2020.

Sale of the Green Man

The Green Man, High Street, Widford


July 2020

The attached letter from Whiskers LLP confirms the present owner's intention to dispose of the property which is registered as an Asset of Community Value. Under this arrangement no sale can be completed for a period of 6 weeks to allow any other interested parties to express their interest. 

This will be discussed at the Zoom Parish Council meeting on 7th July.